Lowkey bored. Anyone wanna chat?

2022.01.23 03:22 ricardomilos-mp4 Lowkey bored. Anyone wanna chat?

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2022.01.23 03:22 OGBasedCwizzy Who y’all see on this?

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2022.01.23 03:22 Crypto10000o National association of HomeBuilders Premium Domain on sale!!!

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2022.01.23 03:22 FutureTrick8017 Hey, I’m 17 and just go in a relationship with a girl. We were planning on having sex relatively soon but I’m scared I’ll hurt her. I really don’t want her to feel uncomfortable or inconvenienced about its size. (9x5.5)

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2022.01.23 03:22 uaskmebefore 香港“动态清零”根本没法“清零” 动摇经济根本引担忧

香港“动态清零”根本没法“清零” 动摇经济根本引担忧 1月23日,据自由亚洲电台报道,香港特区当局近日改变口风,抗疫政策目标由“清零”变成“动态清零”,但此四字真言根本有违事实,因为“动态清零”既代表无法“清零”,而原本用来“清零”的抗疫办法却如铁板一块,毫无“动态”可言。

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2022.01.23 03:22 SactoGamer Timmy Chang announced as new Hawai’i Head Coach

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2022.01.23 03:22 -Windows95- "Don't worry, I'll make sure this table doesn't go anywhere"

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2022.01.23 03:22 isalloum Bad Bluetooth Connectivity On PC - Ongoing Issue

Any wireless peripherals I use on my PC have trouble getting good connectivity. I know it is not device related because I have tried multiple devices. I had the issue previously but when I get a new motherboard it went away but is now back. My PC is maximum 4 feet away but any wireless mouse or keyboard I use is constantly disconnecting and reconnecting. It only gets worse if I use the USB ports on the back of the PC. Could it just be interference or could something else be causing it?
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2022.01.23 03:22 UltimateD4C Solar subliminals

Any male solar subliminals users? i hear she hates men
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2022.01.23 03:22 12340art yeat type beat

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2022.01.23 03:22 related-by-shard What are your thoughts? Anything I can improve on?

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2022.01.23 03:22 TechnicianLarge8138 FH Technikum Wien- Datum des Reihungstest/ des Gesprächs

Mich würde interessieren, wann das alles in etwa stattfindet. Man findet dazu im Internet nichts und es wird langsam schwierig zwecks Urlaubsplanung und so.
Vielen Dank
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2022.01.23 03:22 amirazreddit بعله

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2022.01.23 03:22 Endedman_37 Talking about coworkers

Sometimes when I talk to my coworkers I bring up other coworkers, although really never in a negative light. I really only try to say good things about them if I can. I was wondering how can I stop this? I typically only bring up others, when I can’t think of things to talk about.
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2022.01.23 03:22 boneantitan-k Lilith Cavaliere HOT SHOW PERFECT BODY MOMENT

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2022.01.23 03:22 superplayer4 Making a backrooms game on Roblox

Hello, this is my first time on reddit and by doing these reddits we are going to get to the points. I'm doing a backroom game. I already started doing it like 2 months ago. and I would like what you think of it, besides that I am very new in construction and making scripts, I showed them to some of my friends and they liked it well, some others not only want to know what they think of the game.
here are the level i made
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2022.01.23 03:22 opiatebaby osage edibles fire (rso is $35 from heya better deal then $80 coco and is better)

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2022.01.23 03:22 Soraikuuuu [USA-CA] [H] i3 9100F w/ REQUEST [W] Paypal

TIMESTAMP: https://imgur.com/a/MgFr7kO
Hi, been a while since I've posted here! Looking to sell my i3 9100F and I have a request if possible. The last time this specific CPU was in use was around 2 years ago. So it's really just been sitting the last time it was used it was working perfectly fine and from my knowledge should be. I just don't have a compatible motherboard to test it anymore. So looking to get $60 shipped for it, I should have an old AMD CPU box to ship it out in. If I can find it, if not it'll be still shipped securely. Should still be fairly priced compared to going rate on sites such as eBay and saw two go for $90 on this subreddit within the past week or so.
So I'm hoping this is going to someone who is able to test/ use it immediately and let me know if it's working fine IF NOT and you're able to send me proof like facetime/ discord (assuming you're comfortable with it) I'll send you a refund. I'm hoping this goes to someone with a fair amount of rep since I don't want this to go to someone trying to score a working CPU and easy money. I'm only going to send the refund as long as we're able to verify in real time that it's not working together so if that's not something you're comfortable doing please don't purchase.
I have some confirmed trades here and was fairly active on mechmarket and on GameSale
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2022.01.23 03:22 yeah_fosho Mod to shoot the groin in Vats?

I would like to bring back just one thing from the og fallouts. LMK
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2022.01.23 03:22 deathlok9988 Saturday numbers - No Way Home reclaims #1 with $6.45M (+84%, -26%). Scream with $5.25M (+42%, -48%).

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2022.01.23 03:22 Double-Operation-507 H: Enclave Gun Plasma Gun Flamer Barrel (mod ) W: offers

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2022.01.23 03:22 Lankychick Subcutaneous facial fat loss

I am a women who is suffering from facial fat atrophy. I trusted FDA filler for me to get ruined . Skincare can only do much and Vit A causes Facial Fat loss . American Sunscreens do not protect us from UV rays and UV rays from the sun causes subcutaneous facial fat loss .
My Findings (1) Inhibit TGF-b because TGF-b prevents formation of subcutaneous facial fat . (2) Activating Ppar gamma suppresses TGF-B (3) Activating PPAR Gamma stimulates lipogenises and adipogenises which will increase the dermal fat layer of the face . (4) Pioglitazone is a Ppar gamma agonist that will increase subcutaneous fat and decrease visceral fat but has many side effects such as weight gain , bladder cancer , heart failure, swelling , etc . (5) Topicals increasing adipose tissue such as Volufiline and acetylene hexapeptide-38 don’t cause much volume increase .
I am completely stuck and looking for more natural things that suppresses TGF-b protein .
I am cisgender and messed with topical estriol since it doesn’t get into the bloodstream and didn’t do much since it only increases elastin .
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2022.01.23 03:22 ThinkMcFly8 Man dudes are weird in this game.

The past few days anytime I’m sunk or someone gets loot or whatever I get DMed to chirp about it and just be jerks.
I play the game with my 10 year old to have fun. We don’t get mad or upset if we get killed or sunk or lose loot. We just like playing. Don’t get me wrong, even better if you get everything but it doesn’t always pan out that way.
Why DM to be a dick? Take your prize and go, it’s fine! We don’t really care. It affects me in no way other than I can’t buy more digital doll clothes for my pretend pirate. So guys who DM to say negative shit: you’re literally bragging about being able to get more doll clothes. Think about how big of a loser you have to be to actively seek someone out after the fact to be a shithead to them over doll clothes.
Anyways, that’s my rant 🤣. I don’t care about the loot or gold, there’s literally an unlimited supply. Just be nice. If you’re going to DM someone after beating them leave it at a GG and move on. People are wild.
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2022.01.23 03:22 drumdust Australia. January 2021. Leading Aircraftman Nicholas Catling and his MWD Ben at RAAF Base Amberley, Queensland. (2048 x 1482)

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2022.01.23 03:22 Hanshee 2008 vs 2022

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