[National] - New Zealand politician cycles to hospital in labor, gives birth | NY Post

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2021.11.28 05:53 AutoNewspaperAdmin [National] - New Zealand politician cycles to hospital in labor, gives birth | NY Post

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2021.11.28 05:53 help56632 I want to sample a song but the person who made the original is a shit person… what do I do?

I[15M] wanna sample the melody to this R. Kelly song, but I know Drake got a lot of shit for it. If Drake got shit for it and he’s this huge artist, imagine me, a 15 year old releasing his first album, imagine what would happen to me. I’d get shut down before anything happens. What do I do? This is a really good song idea
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2021.11.28 05:53 AutoNewspaperAdmin [IN] - Rakesh Tikait reaches Mumbai to attend 'Kisan-Mazdoor Mahapanchayat' | Times of India

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2021.11.28 05:53 bonniefazband The invasion of Poland - How did it happen?

In 1939, After Adolf Hitler had successfully invaded a good portion of Czechoslovakia, he set his eyes further east, towards Poland and the hated Polish corridor splitting Germany into two. To this, the allies really put their foot down saying that an invasion of Poland would mean war.
Hitler was displeased with the allies' statement but he wasn't going to let it stop him. Hitler wanted to continue his advance eastward but didn't want to fight a war on two fronts. For now Hitler made an alliance with Joseph Stalin from the USSR saying that if they both invaded Poland, they'd split the land 50/50. Hitler and Stalin set up their troop along their Polish border and then on the 1st of September 1939, German and Soviet troops crossed the border into Poland.
The Polish fought hard, but they were no match for the two giants crashing down them from both sides. As a source of this invasion here is The Final Message From Poland To Its Allies The country them was either annexed by the Soviets or put under nazi occupation.
During this occupation, the Polish did not give up their efforts to free Poland. The underground army always kept fighting and hidden militants were everywhere trying to bring down the nazis.
And that is the German and Soviet invasion of Poland, Basically...
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2021.11.28 05:53 BigTiddyGothNFT 🎉BigTiddyGothGFs Giveaway! 250 free NFTs left for early adopters. Everyone gets one! Links below ⬇️

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2021.11.28 05:53 SToneWallMusIC Felt good today!

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2021.11.28 05:53 kreigsz_ Drop Bears Club Recruiting AUTZ PVP and Indy pilots

We are part of Militaires-Sans-Frontieres. primarily a hi-sec war dec alliance. If you are a newbro, seasoned vet or indy pilot looking to wet you're whistle with something a bit different Drop Bears is the place for you.
Mostly Australian Time zone some US as well.
What we do;
-Regular war decs, if you like bullying the miners, camping trade hubs and the odd suicide gank
-Losec and null roams
-Gate camps
-Wormhole dives and evictions
-Tidi, we have some friends in null who we fly with
Indy guys get a bunch of moons rocks to shoot at, stations to make stuff and jump freighter service to our sov.
We do a bit of everything. Requirements are that you have a working mic, consent to an ESI check and have a sense of humor. We enjoy the banter on coms whatever we are doing, that's the best part about eve.
Contact Kreigsz or join RBC_recruit channel in-game.
Fly Suspect
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2021.11.28 05:53 vldzmtordusvlf Red Sox reportedly one of three teams in on Javy Baez

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2021.11.28 05:53 jobsinanywhere Immigrate to Canada as a Supervisor of Railway Transport

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2021.11.28 05:53 ScienceisMagic Best Fizz Skin/PTW Fizz Skin

What's the best Fizz Skin? I bought fuzz fizz but the ultimate animation is pay to lose. A giant neon yellow ball, GTFO.
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2021.11.28 05:53 EestiMentioned [/r/CryptocurrencyICO] Centaurify - ⚡ Launching Now on BSC

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2021.11.28 05:53 backawhile92 Which Bible translation to read/buy

I find reading scripture online or on my phone not as enjoyable as a physical book ie. I want to buy a physical bible. However, I have been struggling to choose a translation. And this is making me procrastinate and thus reading the Bible less as I don't have one. I find it hard with all the many translations available and I want to make sure I get the right one. I've heard all sorts of opinions from "the KJV is the only true translation anything else and you're going to hell" to "any translation that you enjoy reading most".
I was leaning towards the ESV until I heard about some of the verses and words that it changes compared to other versions. Now I'm considering the KJV but I worry it will be too hard to understand/read (usually I read the KJV online and go to a more thought for thought translation if I don't understand it). I've also considered the NIV/NLT but I think I'd like something more true to the original wording. Maybe NKJV?
What are your recommendations for Bible translations?
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2021.11.28 05:53 SophiaElvenKitten So which is correct…? Their here… or they are here or they’re here or they is here… or they’s here. Or all or some ?! Because for she/he would be he’s here she’s here. Or they are there they’s there/ he’s there… grammar ?!

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2021.11.28 05:53 SarasCaptions Mouse ears

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2021.11.28 05:53 Divocakos_obecny Pleš xD

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2021.11.28 05:53 sw1tch_ Wourder

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2021.11.28 05:53 DradenG Looking to give out 5 scholarships

Split is 50/50 paid out every two weeks. Average daily minimum is 100slp.
If you want to be considered, upvote this post and apply to the form below.
Fill out the form here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdVsMd_sMCb-aO7sn92tJrfV4ZSkcvfFHzYQh1UZOkhg2Ls2A/viewform?usp=sf_link
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2021.11.28 05:53 Material-Highlight26 F 39 I feel sexy but am I hot or not?

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2021.11.28 05:53 zxcv46 National civil service job seekers reach record high of 2 million

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2021.11.28 05:53 article10ECHR Asian-American Students Categorized as ‘White’ at University of Maryland

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2021.11.28 05:53 glassesfellow mechanics fat ass (Mechanic Secondary)

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2021.11.28 05:53 LuckyFennel6080 🐶 Kenpachi Floki 🐶 Just Launched | 7% BUSD rewards | Huge Marketing | Your New 100X | InterFi Audite | Team Kyced| Trusted Team 🛡

Kenpachi Floki it's time for KENPACHI to show it's dominance on the FLOKI world.
Contract: 0x2b2c9889de61fe65ed3fffbbba6b9d588ad1e97c
📢 Marketing Up to 100k$ in marketing budget so we will take care of marketing and make sure we will have enough buying pressure to coverup our launch
🔒 Safety KENPACHI FLOKI official contract is audited by the InterFi team and more audits will come soon
🧁 Rewards Each of us has to feel like a Part of the KENPACHI FLOKI Family and makes money sitting in front of the TV just holding his tokens! Each of us will have the same opportunity! up reward will be distributed to all holders
💵 Buyback A nice sum of money accumulates for buyback and will be used to avoid major dumps
7% BUSD Redistributed To Holders
1% To Liquidity Pool
1% To Marketing
1% To BuyBack
Contract address: 0x2b2c9889de61fe65ed3fffbbba6b9d588ad1e97c
BUY HERE: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x2b2c9889de61fe65ed3fffbbba6b9d588ad1e97c
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x2b2c9889de61fe65ed3fffbbba6b9d588ad1e97c#readContract
LP Locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x1DdCb252D600EFbf843f3D1c47ec2a978ec5FC63
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2021.11.28 05:53 Well_needships Expat Millionaire - Andrew Hallam

Years ago I read Millionaire teacher by Andrew Hallam. More recently he came out with Expat Millionaire and while reading it I am thinking that much of the advice is the same as before just updated and targeted a little less at teachers.
However, what I don't remember reading the first time around was all of the horror stories of people getting sweet talked into signing into funds that screw them so badly. Reading story after story made me wanna barf. How is it that many of these fund managers for expats aren't getting the pants sued off of them? Yes, I understand that someone signed up for their shitty funds, but certainly the true extent of the shittiness of the funds wasn't upfront and that has to be some kind of legal breach, isn't it?
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2021.11.28 05:53 vigilexe FT: Dialga Lf: Palkia

FT: Dialga holding a mb
LF: Palkia.
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2021.11.28 05:53 asiandatadude [D] Which vectorizer do you use?

When building a search engine system based on embedding retrieval, there are so many vectorizers to choose from! Which one do you use and why!
Also curious to hear about other use cases and which vectorizers others are using :)
View Poll
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