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Der Humbug-Medizin Einhalt gebieten

Die Märkte verschiedener Nielsengebiete können sich stark unterscheiden. Viele Werbeträger weisen ihre Leistungsdaten (Auflage, Zielgruppen) nach Nielsen-Gebieten aus (siehe auch Nielsen-BallungsRaum-Zeitungen). Deutschland. Die deutschen Nielsengebiete sind: In Gebieten mit einer hohen Stickstoffbelastung des Grundwassers (rote Gebiete) oder einer Eutrophierung von Oberflächengewässern mit Phosphat (gelbe Gebiete) müssen zusätzliche Auflagen bei der Düngung eingehalten werden. Bestimmte Betriebe ohne Fläche in den belasteten Gebieten können im Gegenzug Erleichterungen erhalten. Eine Starburstgalaxie (Starburst engl. etwa "Sternenausbruch") ist eine Galaxie, in der wesentlich mehr neue Sterne entstehen, als für eine Galaxie dieser Größe typisch ist. Die Abgrenzung zu normalen Galaxien ist nicht scharf definiert; üblicherweise bezeichnet man als Starburstgalaxien nur Galaxien, deren Sternentstehungsrate so hoch ist, dass sie aus dem vorhandenen Gasvorrat nicht ... 17. Draw Distance Increased – ULTIMATE. Check Out This Mod. Dark Souls has come a very long way graphics-wise since the release of the first game back in 2011.. Though DS3 is arguably the best-looking game of the series, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any improvements to be made. Wenn Widerstand zur Pflicht wird Die Politik befindet sich im Endkampf um das Covid-Narrativ und dreht jetzt richtig auf. An zivilem Ungehorsam führt jetzt kein Weg mehr vorbei.

2021.11.28 04:48 AustrianMichael Der Humbug-Medizin Einhalt gebieten

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2021.11.28 04:48 ManWhoCanXD Slap dat ass gurl!

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2021.11.28 04:48 ShortAlgo $RHHBY Waiting for buy signal https://t.co/cHOF4URXXj https://t.co/jyvYFmVlEl

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2021.11.28 04:48 FabulousVoice4 Unpopular opinion but I kind of think korra and asami friendship was a bit forced

Now I didn't say relationship one thing I can't accuse that of is being forced. I'm talking about them becoming friends by book 3.
I'm not against the idea of them becoming friends but the show kind of tries to make it look like they've been super close for the whole show when they have not. Not too mention I kind of find it a bit unbelievable that Asami after having her company stolen and her heartbroken two times would be so keen on just trusting someone. Not too mention the only think they really seemed to bond over in the show was how the love triangle was dumb and that's it if there was another moment please tell me
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2021.11.28 04:48 ImBadlyPoisoned Bass Playah - Pedro (Visuals - Im Badly Poisoned)

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2021.11.28 04:48 ThePsycho_Nightmare Remade my OC! He's Now a Grim Reaper/Demon Hybrid.

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2021.11.28 04:48 sualfred Steelcase Gesture: I'm fighting noises. Killed almost all of them, except one!

Since Summer I'm a Gesture owner and fighting noises. I
1st chair got a replacement back, replacement armrests (one was hanging), chair was replaced after brutal loud creaking
2st chair got a replacement control unit because of very loud click noises of a inner plastic shell which was deformed,
Still on the second one. The seller wanted to take it back, but I didn't agree. Since I kept all "defective parts" from both chairs I have a bigger amount of parts to play with. So I played the puzzle game and replaced these parts on my own:

I also fixed the clicking noise while reclinging and the creaking of the headrest with grease and siliconspray.
So... almost perfect. Only one thing left. I have random silent high pitched scratchy creaking on the right side of the chair sometimes. Very silent and short. And I cannot identify the area where the material is stressed. This is 100% just a mini on shot of silicon of PTFE spray.
It feels like it only makes noises if I'm slightly leaning to the right in different reclined positions. And from my sitting position it feels like it cames from the seat control area, but I'm not sure and do not find it.
Has anybody faced similar noise and was able to locate it?
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2021.11.28 04:48 ShortAlgo $CRM Waiting for buy signal https://t.co/cHOF4URXXj https://t.co/t7jsddGjam

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2021.11.28 04:48 svanapps With Farm Laws Repeal Bill on agenda, winter session of Parliament set to begin on Monday

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2021.11.28 04:48 ocm05 should i break up with my bf or stay? (TW: slight sh)

i’ve been with my boyfriend for almost 2 years now and generally it’s going well. we’re both bisexual and i have a higher sex drive than he does. i struggle with hypersexuality that leaves me depressed and i’ve been dealing with this for over a year. my relationship with my boyfriend is my first ever one, so i’ve never had any relationship or done anything sexual with a girl. because of this, i feel really inexperienced and insecure about my sexuality.
my boyfriend and i generally have different boundaries, and while i’m ok with sex outside of our relationship to a certain degree, he isn’t. we’ve disagreed on the possibility of me trying things out with a girl for months now. i’ve told him even if it was just once, that that would be enough for me. i’ve also tried to tell him that it’s only for some kind of self discovery and to feel better about myself, but he can’t really get past his preference that sex only be for us (which i can understand).
i have a close friend who i almost dated before my boyfriend, and she’s also wlw. the only difference is that she’s single and has casual sex with other friends of hers sometimes, which ends up making me super self conscious and jealous. for example, she just told me a couple of nights ago that she has sex with a friend and she has multiple times. for some reason it really hurt me knowing that i couldn’t have that experience at least once and i ended up crying myself to sleep after asking my boyfriend about it again, only to come to the same disagreement. i also ended up self harming for the first time the same night.
my major dilemma is if i should leave him or not. i’m fulfilled in my relationship in every area but this one. i love my boyfriend so so much and i don’t think i’ll ever find someone else like him. we both hope we make it to two years and i’m hoping my desires to do things with other people are just a phase. i wanna do everything i can to stay in my relationship but this is the hardest thing we’ve had to deal with.
is there some way to convince him? is there a way we can work it out?
please upvote and please offer any advice, thanks
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2021.11.28 04:48 ShortAlgo $DIS Waiting for buy signal https://t.co/cHOF4URXXj https://t.co/KSgmkqN6VM

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2021.11.28 04:48 Suboris W or L or F?

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2021.11.28 04:48 dahomie_longstroke For those of y'all who don't remember this WSHH legend...

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2021.11.28 04:48 lucky666123 man sititng

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2021.11.28 04:48 lonelydownunder I hit the emergency exit button

So some news to my situation.
I did post a little while ago (not sure which sub) that I had packed all my clothes and left (ALL of them).
Got sucked back the next day due to the way my eldest daughter reacted, but I shouldn’t have.
Today is Sunday afternoon my time. I had to go away for work Wednesday and Thursday (first time in 2 years due to COVID), which drove my N wife TOTALLY off the edge.
Note: after learning about NPD and realising it’s likely she has it and it’s the cause of the last 19 years of problems I’ve given up in the last few months, cutting off her supply almost totally.
Occasionally I’ll give into her sexually, usually when I really want it and can push past the mental side of the abuse, the last time about 10 days ago I thought it was pretty good, at the end she told me I should go and see someone about erection issues so that broke the camels back (I get harder when I’m thinking about anything than her for obvious reasons)
Anyway, I’m Thursday on the way home she was pissed because I haven’t given her any supply of the last few days and she was at home on their own with the kids. Because I didn’t apologise on the way home she told me not to come home so I decided that I wouldn’t and I didn’t. I ended up speaking to my sister who I’ve been speaking to a bit lately about this and I end up staying at my wife’s nephews apartment. He recently offered it because he’s been witness to the way she treats me and his ex treated in the same way which is why he left her. She comes from a traditional Middle eastern background And her parents don’t speak a lot of English, so I’m about to go and see her brother and discuss issues with him. He’s been divorced a couple of times and his first wife and he had similar sorts of problems although I don’t think she’s an N. I’m confident he will be fair and just and be on my side when I go and speak to her parents brackets very much out of respect as well because they have been nothing but welcoming and loving towards me.
This is the hardest conversation I’ve ever had to have not been stressing about it for the last two days. Harder than when I first met the family including her brother who I thought would be very intimidating due to things I’d heard about him.
Here’s hoping things go well.
My plan is to get my own place and hopefully create a safe and happy place my kids can come to whenever they want.
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2021.11.28 04:48 skdwsk Tips for studying for econ classes

specifically econ 201 (i've heard its a killer) and econ 104
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2021.11.28 04:48 dcjogger American Revolution’s Starving, Barefoot, Heroic Troops

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2021.11.28 04:48 AGodDamnDaisy Sprocket in Boxes

Sprocket is in boxes and free for who ever wants him. He is not gifted and ready to go. I’ll only keep this post up for a short time before going villager hunting!
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2021.11.28 04:48 vinzmokezoro Is the legion slim 7 RTX 3060 or 3060 max q? I am confused, because in best buy it shows max q but in official lenovo website it is just 3060.

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2021.11.28 04:48 Cry1i5 notify me

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2021.11.28 04:48 jbenson12161983 Umm

Anyone here? Messsge me if you are
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2021.11.28 04:48 norianw Albedo Theory

I was thinking about the whole thing with Albedo and realized something interesting. I havent actually finished the mission, but I felt like sharing it anyway.
So, I was researching about Rhinedottir, Albedo and everything that involves his lore, and two things called my attention: The first one was a very simple thing, the name Albedo, the second one was the mention of magnum opus (it's the classical text Rhinedottir gave Albedo before she disappeared).
You might be asking, "Albedo? What is so weird about it?" and I will explain right now. When I heard his name was Albedo for the first time I was like "Oh, like the girl from Overlord (the anime)? That's cool!" and that was all, I didn't stop to think that more things could be going on because of his name, but now I did. When I saw the trailer and it showed an "evil" Albedo, my mind exploded and I thought "Oh fuck, Albedo from Overlord has two sisters, Nigredo and Rubedo!"
Ok, but what about it? And does it have to do with our Albedo?
Albedo is the second stage of the magnum opus, the first stage is called Nigredo, known as chaos or massa confusa. It means putrefaction or decomposition, and in analytical psychology, the term became a metaphor for "the dark night of the soul, when an individual confronts the shadow within."
And after the the chaos of the Nigredo stage, the alchemist undertakes a purification in Albedo, which is referred to as ablutio, and that means the washing away of impurities. This phase is concerned with "bringing light and clarity to the prima materia (the 1st matter)".
And what is this magnum opus? Well, it is nothing less than the process to create the philosopher's stone.
Now think, creating that stone is every alchemist's dream, it could literally grant immortality and of course Rhinedottir knew that, so I think she was trying to create that, but then she found Heart of Naberius and disappeared leaving behind only a message for Albedo to uncover the "truth and meaning of this world" and the magnum opus, which his name is literally the second stage.
(In my opinion, she wants him to get the philosopher's stone, and it doesn't need to be the actual stone, it could be something he enjoys so much he will put all his effort into it, like she did and ended up creating him. But that's not the point here, sorry!)
All of this was to talk about the fake Albedo. I was thinking, what if he is the "nigredo", the version of chaos and massa confusa, the dark night of the soul, and the Albedo we know, is the purification? Someone who will bring light and clarity?
It would be so cool!
Anyway, that's what I thought, feel free to give your opinions and share your theories about it as well!
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2021.11.28 04:48 Alas-my-children Discord invite please!!!

all the invites i can find are expired
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